Game Awards for 2010

Back Row Standing left to right
Morgan Larosee accepting for her dad Cody
Courtney Streeter
Trevor Amos
Lee Clarke
Wade Seidler
Colton Wabnegger

Front Row left to right
Justice Pelly
Blake Yuckin
Tyson Marsel
Jonathan Gale
Chance Wabnegge

Pheasant - Trevor Amos

Elk- Lee Clarke

Moose - Stephan Rollison

Thin horn Sheep - Colton Wabnegger

Mule Deer 10-14 years old - Chance Wabnegger

White Tail 10 -14 years old -
Chance Wabnegger

Mule Deer Typical 14 - 18 years old - Raymond Thomson

Mule Deer Non -Typical 14 - 18 years old - Aleesha Cooper

Ladies  Deer - Courtney Streeter

Non Typical Mule Deer - Cody Larosee

Typical Mule Deer - Stephan Rollison

Non Typical White Tail Adult -Dave Thomson

Typical Whitetail Deer - Wade Seidler

Senior Deer - George Young

High Overall Big Game trophy - Wade Seidler

Junior: High Overall trophy - Colton Wabnegger

First Harvest Awards (may be any big game)

Justice  Pelly
Aleesha Cooper
Tyson Marsel
Blake Yuckin
Jonathan Gale
William K. Kane