What's New a $250 prize


Work Party's - When you are part of a work party or volunteer at an event, you are to "sign in" the book at the entrance, if you put in a couple of hours your name will be recorded for a draw to be held at the A.G.M and the prize is $250.00 cash. So record your name and the work that you did it may pay off. Make sure it can be read!

Check out the archery page "Coming Events"


Years Past

April 25th - Sunday; starting at 9am we gathered for a spring cleanup at our Club.

Refreshments and lunch was provided we met other members and together we started our cleanup. There were around 20 of us there and we made a big dent in the work that has to be done, but if you missed the work party there is still more that needs to be done. So if you would like to help contact us and we will let you know what needs doing. It is volunteers that keep this club working!



There are new gates installed at the entrance to the club,  It is the intentions that you will unlock the gate enter the property and re-lock it. If there is a special event happening such as Trap the gate will be locked in the open position so as to allow non members to access the property to compete, the person who is in charge of the event will ensure that the gate is relocked in the closed position when the event is over.